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Alexia Monroe has been involved in holistic health for 35 years. In her teens, she became involved in yoga, meditation, and healthful eating. But after contracting a crippling arthritis at the age of 25, she had to add to her knowledge considerably to find her way out of that condition. Through the next 7 years spent healing her immune system, she became symptom-free.

She thoroughly explored the healing process again for 2 years after developing chronic fatigue syndrome in her late 30's. She thinks she might have gotten it right this time -- in her 50's, she is young and healthy.

She is experienced in a wide range of healing modalities. A licensed massage technician since 1984, she has also studied Transformational Hypnotherapy and Reiki, and has practiced the Rayid Method of iris interpretation for 20 years. She has edited three books on the subject by the founder of Rayid, Denny Johnson, and worked beside him on his tours of Brazil in 1994 and 1996. While in Brazil, she introduced Bowenwork™ to many enthusiastic people. The first Brazilian Bowenwork instructor will begin teaching in 2006.

Since Alexia first learned Tom Bowen's work in 1993, it has been the exclusive physical modality of her private practice. She says, "I devote myself to Bowenwork™ because I have not found its equal in any other therapy in the world". She has been a Senior Instructor for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia since 1996, and has taught actively throughout the U.S. She was the first President of the United States Bowen Registry from 2002-2005, and is currently Chairman of the International Instructors' Committee, which helps to create global policies for the Bowen Academy.

Alexia has been a speaker at many global health conferences. Besides introducing Bowenwork to groups such as the American Holistic Nurses Association and Rayid International, she makes specialized presentations at Bowtech conferences in the U.S., Australia, and Cyprus. Her favorite topics:

Alexia makes her home in Prescott, Arizona, a beautiful mountain town near the Grand Canyon, with a colorful history as Territorial Capitol of the Southwest. In 2002, she bought the lovely Creekside Center, which houses holistic practitioners and a teaching facility. Students travel from around the country to attend classes with her there in Bowenwork™.

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