Bowen Career Success

Is your Bowen business as successful as you would like it to be? 

Have you taken a business course in the past that gave you a standardized plan, using the "accepted wisdom", but you find you cannot fit into that box?

Might you be a massage therapist or other health professional, wondering why you continue to attract clients for your previous modality, but not for Bowenwork?

Have you heard, "You can't really make a good living out of Bowenwork, but it is great to do on the side"?

Alexia's course will show you with perfect clarity why these assumptions aren't so. You don't need a “mission statement”; you need self-awareness. When your business is set up in such a way that it resonates with you on a soul level, you will be able to create and enjoy a long-term, successful career, contentedly doing as much Bowen as you wish, and receiving abundance beyond your expectations.

This 24-hour course is for both the new and the experienced practitioner. It will enable you to envision your personalized career as a self-employed, balanced, Bowen professional. It will give you insight into Internalizing Ethics beyond the obvious teachings (and satisfies the 4-hour Ethics requirement for certification). And it will train you to communicate about this work, so you can successfully market your Bowenwork practice to the world. 

A series of fun, question-and-answer writing processes will lead you to your inner clarity about your ideal practice ~~ a vision that can be elusive to find on your own. By the end of this course, you will know:

The 65-page manual includes many templates for you to use as you see fit, such as articles, outlines, expense categories customized for Bowenworkers, client handouts, marketing, paperwork, financial structuring, prioritizing your to-do's, lists for follow-up beyond class, and more.

By the end of the course, you will clearly understand the impact of your personal brand of Bowenwork; call it "You, Inc.". You will know that your ideal career is within your reach, and you will have a fully formulated written plan – usable immediately -- for getting there. 

The 24-hour Bowen Business Success workshop is $495.00 in the U.S. if paid in full 22 days ahead of the first day of class. Total payment if made later is $525.00.


“Taking Bowen Business Success focused and motivated me in a way I haven't felt at all with other business networking groups and even working with a business coach. Something shifted that weekend and the universe is providing. Thank you so much for forging the path for all of us! I am deeply grateful.”

"The course was extremely beneficial. Even though I am already established, I will be able to go back and re-visit some of my current practices. I wish I had learned this before, even with my extensive previous experience!"

"I now feel it is feasible to have a very successful Bowenwork business. Before class I had no clue how to go about anything, but our class covered so much.

"Great and so helpful -- this class is very needed for all Bowen practitioners. After Mod. 7, I was wondering how to get business started. Alexia is the perfect person to teach this course."

"I am a retired M.D. just starting a Bowen practice. I wish I had taken this training at the beginning of my medical career!"

"This workshop exceeded my expectations. I'm very grateful and fortunate that it was offered just as I'm ready to begin my practice. I really appreciate the handouts and forms and lists and articles, and so many specific and essential details. It's all fantastic!"

"The material is very easy to understand, thought-provoking, and above all, MOTIVATING. I will refer to it continually to ground a successful practice."  

"Information was voluminous -- touched all bases -- left me wanting to continue on my own.

"It was great that you guided us to create and present a talk live to the group. I truly loved the portion of the class that had us practice presenting Bowenwork. I feel comfortable and ready, and I want to make at least one presentation a month."

"This is a course that any Bowen student who plans to run their own practice should be taking. It will make all the difference between the people who get their certificate and fall by the wayside, and the people who make a career out of Bowen from the beginning.

“I came to this class with apprehension, wondering what new could be taught or offered that I hadn’t already learned. And it was incredible!  I leave with hope and inspiration, not only for my life but for my family’s life and the new creation of a vibrant career.”


ALEXIA MONROE, B.A., L.M.T., has been a self-employed bodyworker since 1984. She has been devoted exclusively to Bowenwork since 1993, and has taught for Bowtech since 1996. Alexia has no formal business training (which means if she can be successfully self-employed, so can you!), yet has an ability to research, compile, and simplify information. She has learned how to run a successful business by seeking out the expertise of others over decades, and refining their advice into systems applicable to our unique work. She has synthesized almost 30 years of bodywork business experience into this seminar, in order to provide you with a clearly marked route to your own success.

Alexia is a regular speaker at global health conferences. Besides introducing Bowenwork to groups such as the American Holistic Nurses Association, Rayid International, and the U.S. Veterans Administration Hospital, she has given many presentations at Bowtech conferences in the U.S., Australia, England and Greece.


The 24-hour Bowen Business Success workshop is $495.00 in the U.S. if paid in full 22 days ahead of the first day of class. Total payment if made later is $525.00.

To register, please send a deposit of $150 as far in advance as possible. Specify the class location and dates, and give your contact information.


Write your check for the deposit or full amount to “Bowenworks”. Send to:

Alexia Monroe
1526 Idylwild Rd., Ste. A
Prescott, AZ 86305


To pay the deposit by credit card, you must first activate an account on Paypal from your home computer. Prior to class, click into and register. It is free, and the service does not sell your name or contact you later, except to confirm this initial sign-in. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email back from Paypal. You are then able to send funds to other users. Please direct your payment to, and specify the class dates for which you are registering.

Note that Paypal will never contact you for your account information.

To pay by debit card, sign up with Dwolla. Go to, and direct your payment to It costs only .25 per transaction, no matter the amount, and is a fully secure transaction site.


Scheduled classes will be held if sufficient registration is received. Deposits are non-refundable unless the instructor cancels the class, in which case the instructor will give student at least two weeks' notice and refund the deposit.

In order to avoid extra expense in case the instructor must cancel a class, it is advised that students purchase changeable or refundable airline tickets.


Gather for class:

1. A 3-ring binder that can hold at least 60 pages of written material. I suggest adding 20 sheets of blank, lined paper. I will send the manual electronically to a print store of your choice a few days ahead of the first meeting, and some Word documents to your own computer for you to keep in your files.

2. Approximately 30 index cards, sized 4x6”, and a large envelope or closable 3-ring binder sleeve to contain them.

3. If you prefer to do writing processes on your computer, you can bring a laptop to in-person class. You will still need some lined paper.

4. A pen, a pencil with eraser, a highlighter, and a calculator. 

5. Bring your Student Record Card to an in-person class, so I can record the workshop. Bowen Career Success qualifies for 24 hours of Bowtech credit, which includes 4 hours of Ethics credit. It also qualifies for 24 hours of NCBTMB credit within the U.S., for massage therapists. You will receive an NCBTMB Continuing Education certificate. If you are attending online, write in the date of the last meeting of class and fill in my name.

6. Your business cards and any promotional material you have created.

7.  Prepare your "Money Flow" statement. This is my term for recording the inflow and outflow of money through your life (sometimes called a budget). If you have an idea of what you spend and what you take in each year, this will be helpful.
If you do not have one, use the time before class to start one, and give it your best estimate. It will be valuable for you to know what you spend each year to maintain your lifestyle. You will use it in class (a private process) to help you structure a financially viable Bowenwork practice. 

8. If you are traveling for an in-person class and staying in a hotel, please pack an outfit of casual business clothing, which I will encourage you to wear one morning to "bring to life" your mini-presentation. You will be able to change into your casual clothes afterwards. 

9. Gather any items you might desire for your comfort, such as slippers and special snacks or teas, whether attending in person or online.


In-person class: We will meet from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. each day. We will have a morning and an afternoon break, and will take 1 hour 15 minutes for lunch. Please arrive the first day at 8:30 a.m. to fill out forms and finalize your payments. You can arrive on the second day just ahead of class time, as long as you can be ready to begin on time.

Online group class:

I will be sending you information for what you must do ahead of time with Then we will arrange a meeting ahead of the first day to test equipment and clarify procedures.

Plan on signing on 15 minutes ahead of time on the first day of class. You can arrive or sign on subsequent days just ahead of class time, as long as you are ready to begin on time. We will break every two hours for 10 minutes, and we will take 45 min.- 1 hour for lunch.

Online self-directed class: You will receive a link from me for the sound recordings. You can sign on at any time, and listen to as much as is convenient for you. You are asked to scan and send your workbook pages after each section is done, so that I can confirm your completed work. We will make a time to talk over your "talk/demo" assignment. And you can call me at any time with questions along the way.
Feel free to call me if you have any further questions (I prefer a phone call over email).

My preferred work number: 928-443-9355.  
My cell phone (used when traveling): 928-273-0570.