Your instruction was excellent! I was able to process the information for my learning style, so that I was able to better understand the material. Thanks again !!! Your style is elegant, and your tack is so fine that usually "we" aren't aware of how you help direct us away from negativity, towards a positive learning response.
Annie G.
Gypsum, Colorado

I want to thank you for a wonderful four days. I enjoy your style of teaching -- you use all types of learning -- tactile, auditory, visual. Your boundless patience and calm instruction was much appreciated as I tried to find numerous "vallies". I will see you for the next modules!
Linda W.
Gilbert, AZ

Thank you for a great weekend! Your teaching was wonderful. Your kindness and giving personality made this a wonderful experience.
Joe F.
Lincoln, NE

Alexia is a superb instructor. The dynamics of this class were challenging at times and Alexia was very sensitive to everyone's needs, including my own.The material was presented clearly and the repetition was good.
Nancee R.
Newtown, Ohio

I am a very audio/visual person and found the class to fit my needs perfectly. When I was in doubt, I asked to get an explanation or another demonstration...it was instrumental in remembering the steps for each of the procedures taught. The teaching was excellent. The feedback on each student and from the instructor were beyond my expectations. So much happened in this class that left me with food for thought and a confidence to do the work...
Annemarie S.-E.
Redmond, OR

My instructor was the bomb (good) -- sensitive is not expressive enough. Class was great, energy was high, the whole experience was good. Your spirit is beautiful and anyone would be better just from knowing you. Thank u for being u.
James K.
North Myrtle Beach, SC

Had a great trip home listening to your tapes. You are a great speaker and the ideas and stories that the tapes represent are compelling with a capital C. I'm tired, but exuberant with Bowen-ness!
Marie U.
Pear Blossom, CA

Great class. My comments will always be sincere and accurate from my point of view. I do not use great lightly. What a privilege to be led to you. Your 11 years of Bowen were so valuable to me. You are an excellent teacher (spoken by a retired teacher/coach). I'm looking forward to put our training into practice and to reporting on the successes and the mistakes and progressing from there. I feel that I am becoming a part of a very loyal, dedicated and caring body of people. That is both satisfying and inspirational to me.
Tom C.
Reedsport, OR

Just a note to thank you for another very uplifting set of classes. We really enjoyed them and feel that we now have a great foundation to go out and make a difference in the Bowen world.
Cari and Charles V.
Las Vegas, NV

First and foremost I would like to thank you for the course and say what a pleasure it was to meet you. You are one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and flexible teachers I know. I loved your teaching style and really feel inspired!
Susan B.
Scottsdale, AZ

Did three treatments since I returned. LOVED the audio tapes and want more whenever they are available. Hearing your voice is great even on tape. You speak well and make it so credible and fun considering the magnitude of the subject and its impact is so profound.You are a terrific Bowen Trainer and your center is a gem. I miss it, you and Prescott! It was a fine experience overall and I have no complaints except that it is over. Now only a memory that pleases and revisits me throughout my day.
Reggie T.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

You are such a sweet spirit and a delight to be around....you are one of the very few people I've ever met that has left a "must see again memo" imprinted on my spirit. Life becomes more interesting the older I get! With Love, Light, & Blessings,
Peggy L.
Mesa, AZ

It was a fantastic experience being in Queensland - somewhere I had never been before. It was terrific to see so many countries represented in one place for one reason. It was a wonderful experience and I believe one of the highlights was meeting you. I had seen your picture in the Bowen Hands and to meet you was great. You are such a gentle, giving person and obviously that comes through in your work. You were extremely interesting to listen to and we both could have listened to you for a whole day. If ever you come to Australia and talk, we would love to know when and where to come and listen to you. We learned so much.
Eric & Melanie W.

Thank you very much for the weekend of great teaching and also fun company. Your place is warm, comfortable, beautiful and very welcoming, a perfect reflection of you. With much appreciation,
Lana B.